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Who Runs Kent Surf

Let us make this very clear – Kent Surf is not a business; it is not a charity it is an information source by local Kent surfers for Kent surfers who regularly surf in Kent and those that wish to surf in Kent, this website is managed by 100% surfers who have been surfing this region for between two to five decades as a minimum.

It is a free resource, it is here to promote the lifestyle and not to interfere with the enjoyment of surfing, it will not set about developing any surfing location more than another and most importantly it is about the stoke of surfing.

We are not a surf club, we are not a surf shop, we are not any shape or form a surf business, what we are is a surfing site just for fun.

Kent Surf has been set up to aide Kent surfers by listing all information about surfing in Kent and to help surfing on Kent beaches a great place to enjoy the sport.

You will find links to local surf related businesses which we hope you will support, and many of the images are from these such sources. Please help support local Kent Surfing.